Precision is Key – Coding Challenges ₂₀₀



I have no likes oof


And no deletes what a sad day


Oh well hhhhh


What the duck is goin on


SB keeps spammin random topics and cursing and misgendering people (ahem me ahem) and just jaaoksjskwsmoamusbysga. You don’t wanna know more, trust me…


All I know is SB74 was made because someone lounged the L G B T topic and she started swearing and when that happened she got flags and then she got mad at everyone and swore more :/


R u sure the user name isnt bs

I mean wow thats bad


I tried to calm her down but then she just started being mean to me. Idc about that, she can say whatever she wants to me, I won’t get offended, but she keeps swearing and being mean to everyone else and I think I just made it worse…



Haha yeah…
It’s Sharpened Blade 74 or

I think you have a more apt username for her tho…


It was SB… just ignore any and all tags from her…


Ye doesnt matter u know what i meant


Why did you and some others hide your profile?


I do.


oops I didn’t mean to



Current Participants :

Note to self: Edit post to see this month’s challenge

We will start November 3rd, 12PM EST.

@Amulet_10 @tankt2016



You can still join

Submit links on November 11th and November 11th only. This is so:

  1. You don’t submit late
  2. Others can not steal your project

A General topic -1
A General topic -1

So that’s what the challenge is :o


In 12 hours u will know


Why is there a secret message in there


I am English, and I live in England.