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Lol. That’s all I can say


you’re discriminating against me by ignoring me just because I’m asian. racism at its finest.


Guys, if you’re gonna keep this spammin.g up, at least move it to a different topic so this one doesn’t get closed.


I reported it. Cursing is not safe for kids.




why would they make fun of YOU for being female when no one has been making fun of ME for being female

get your facts right, bigot.



AAAAAGH stop spam.ming!!


stop being racist. people can speak british english as long as they want. no one has to speak like an american just to please some bigot.


I wasn’t flagging you.
But seriously, stop cursing.
I will tag omtl.
@omtl, sorry, really sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged, but let’s stop this.


Okay, now you’re discriminating Brits.


But, I am in Australia, so, why would I speak American (unless you want me to speak Spanish).


That is English?


Hey, I am in America right now.
You got a problem with that?


Let’s calm down with music! :3


Um I’m not over complicating it


your behaviour is terrible even for such a theatre such as this bigoted forum

was that british enough


You scared them away nice job :clap:


Actually I lounged it


They haven’t been on actually