Precision is Key – Coding Challenges ₂₀₀



I got tug again​:cry::pensive:


Tug? Or tagged?
sorry if u didn’t want to be tagged


I’m sorry, i’m too busy with schoolwork, clubs, and extracurriculars
thanks for asking though :)


I would be open to giving out a feature. Before we didn’t want to because it would be too many to keep track of, but I can make a spreadsheet to keep track if more competitions come up from othe people.

So yes, we could do a feature if you want :smiley:

Is this just for the forum or are you making it open to anyone on Hopscotch?


Could be anyone I guess



Just tag us when there is a winner, if you choose to have a feature as a prize.


Could I join? I don’t actually have access to the Hopscotch app though - could I use a programming language like Processing or Python with a canvas instead for the challenges which still work okay, despite differences with Hopscotch vs. programming language?


How would that work? Mostly because the challenge will probably include best use of clone block or something like that



In most cases, I can use commands like instancing (duplicating or creating new objects), or if it’s for loops, that stuff works too. Overall I think most things would work alright, but for others I just won’t participate. /shrug


But: Remove 19%20am 28%20am Please from your bio.


For some things it’s harder in HS… I mean I could give it a try


Current Participants :

0-1 more are required to start challenges. We will start at the beginning of November.

@Amulet_10 @Explorer_ @StarryDream


Lol what if I put best use of Wait until timestamp block

  • lol
  • You are mean
  • Why
  • Great idea

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Anyone else want to join?


Wait E remember the clock on the E-pad? You could make that work in the reboot


Yes, I was thinking that already :)
Thank you for pointing that out though


Want to join the contest?


Current Participants :

We will start at the beginning of November.

@Amulet_10 @Explorer_ @StarryDream @tankt2016
You can still join


Me! I want to join this.


It’s a really great idea! I’m just very busy with school, but maybe I’ll join if homework lightens up a bit (I hope it will, we all need a little less homework)