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Change over time, or any interpretation really, as long as I can understand it


So, like, we could do an informational project on the growth of a plant, or remake our first project, or make a timeline of Hopscotch/our profiles, or something like that?


Ohh that’s a cool idea! Now I understand the concept


Yes, anything related to change, whether physical, mental, etc.



Is this ok? Something simple but relaxing


Sure, very early submission considering I am giving until 2019-04-21T22:00:00Z, feel free to change if you want


Ok thanks!


May I have more than 1 submission?


Nope, but you can change it until the due date


Ok I’ll leave it like that!



Existence Checkup

Theme: Change (It can be a card, part of a game, or just an informational project)
Challenge: Best Aesthetics and Usability (How easy is it to understand and play?)
Example: None available

  • Functionality (20) If it works you should be fine. If something behaves oddly, that may be an issue
  • Follows the Theme (10)
  • The Challenge – Aesthetics (30) 30 points?! Well, it’s the category of the contest this month!
  • Effort (10) Please don’t just make it like 2 objects no clones :wink:
  • Clear Instructions (5) I understand most things, so not understanding your instructions would be saying something. Make sure the loading sequence is bearable
  • Enjoyability (20)

You can join or drop out of the competition or a tag list at any time

Due Date: 2019-04-28T22:00:00Z


Oof there’s lots of time


Ah dang I don’t think I’ll be able to make that deadline oofff
Sorry dude. I’ll try to do the next one


Yeah no problem


Would this count as change?


I’d find that more of a utility, I mean more of a them “change over time” or something like that, not necessarily an improvement of an existing project or just drawing a background – I mean make a new project, but the gameplay or message has to do with change


Okay, thanks



  • Reminder due date is 2019-04-28T22:00:00Z
  • The Badges and Shop are on post 1