Pre update projects


Hi, my daughter has been using hopscotch for some time and loves the app. She has had some projects she was working on and some she published.

She then updated the app recently and lost all her projects and also we don't believe she had a login before??

Is there anyway to recover the projects?

She also deleted and re installed the app which concerns me that the ipad may of deleted the projects.

Thank you


@Brestep Does it offer to make an account? If so, make it and it just might save it. What was her nickname I will check :D


Thank you. Problem is I'm not sure what it was. Would she of had to have one before?


Well she would've had a nickname, so I can search it up :D


Thanks. Ok we will try and remember it and come back to you.


Also try making an account :D


Deleting the app doesn't delete projects if the projects are published :wink:

If you want to get back in an account that has no password, then try emailing the makers of Hopscotch! I forgot their email, but someone else can tell you!

I'm not sure how to recover the projects.


Their email is
And the drafts aren't deleted.


Thanks, @tankt2016!

I meant that it might happen as a bug, but published projects rarely disappear, while some drafts may.