#PrayForParis! Project



Hey guys!
I've been thinking about The poor tragedy that happened in Paris. Many people were killed so I want to worship them and wish people who didn't die, good luck for recovery. I want to recognise this and make a survey for this.

  • Good luck and wish well
  • What is happening? I don't know what this is all about!
  • meh, whatever


Thank you for all peps who help with the survey and, this is to you Paris! We're recognising you!


IF someone flags this I AM GOING TO BE SO MAD! I did pray for Paris and Prayed for those horribley insane people to be great amazing people instead of bombing random places and commit sudicing. THIS IS SUCH A TRADEGY!
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Im glad @Isaacwotwot made a topic bout this cause it's horrible people do that to others.


Okay so I'm all sad and stuff, but there are many other tragedies going on in the world like Paris


Yes! It is very tragic, and I never understood why people would do something like that. I support Paris all the way! (I also went there for summer vacation this year)


Please keep topics related to Hopscotch and coding. If you make a project off of this, then that is fine, but if no projects are made, I'm pretty sure this will be flagged shortly, not by me though.


Here is my project.


I'm doing the project tonight! Also even though there are and may be other tragedies like this in the world right now, Paris is the main one for me. My school teaches it. Many friends come from there and even worse my uncle is in Paris right know trying to get back to Australia! Did you also hear that there where 8 people but 7 of them blew them selves up?


Yes, I have. They say they found a couple of suspects recently today, but please keep things to Hopscotch.


Actually it os on topic and on hopscotch. 1 family's or relatives might of died so I want to make them feel better by making a project. 2 it's good that people know this so that then they know what the whole project is about. 3 I'm getting factual info to help with the project. 4 everyone needs to get involved with this and the project.


This #PrayforParis thing is SOOO important to me! My aunt was in Paris at the time and got badly hurt, and I was crying for quite a while. SO, yes!!! Do it!


I FEEL SO BAD FOR YOU @LotsaPizza! I haven't ever feelt the pain that you have, but that must've been so horrible!


Thanks, @Phase_Studios. but again do it!!! I will also make a drawing for this.


I KNOW!!! It's horrible! This is such a tragedy!


I am so sorry this has happened. I saw it on the news the other day. If anyone didn't know, the 13th was Europes International Day Of Prayer, where Christians all over the world pray for persecuted Christians. Thank you for praying for the attack everyone. The attack was a retaliation for iDOP. Anyway, Mislim Extremists do need to be dealt with, but it is in Gods hands. (Please don't flag this anyone)


Someone said one of the killers got away


Hey, yes, it's against the religion. It bringing disgrace and fear to my religion. (Yes, I am a Muslim, but please don't hurt me, I really mean no harm.)


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Yes one got away with 2 men out the borders.


The only people that are bad are people that say their Muslim (that was just an example) but they started different rules...
Please don't flag this I'm explaining something.