So many things are happening in the world right now, and many bad thing are going on.

Please use this topic to raise awareness and pray for the incidents that are currently going on.

Make projects on hopscotch about it, and change your profile picture to something that could raise awareness about an event.

Recently, something terrible happened in Dallas...


Yes I was in the rally at Dallas and I heard the sounds
I was sooo scared!
Then the police officer asked me to go somewhere safe so I did!


Also, a possible bomb threat was taken place at a children's hospital at Miami today ;-;

No one was hurt, though. :0

I live in FL, so this is all really making me scared. ;-;

I have heard about what happened in Dallas, and it's horrible. ;-;

I give my heart out to everyone who died β€” innocent lives are being taken away from families, and that's really rough to handle. ;-;


i'm at marco island


I just now heard about Dallas incident. I'll just say that I have some loved ones that were involved. Things can always get better, though. :)



We should all make projects to honor people who lost their lives.

It's scary- I've had some moments where I have been thankful that the worst didn't happen.


Oh my goodness. D:

I'm so sorry for whatever happened to them, if something did happen. :0

This is not fair β€”this country needs to take action.

And fast >:0


what happened? this morning i wasnt listening to the news and instead high quality rips


I feel bad for the people who lost their lives.

Remember the riot in Baltimore? I live near (not really) Baltimore and I got pretty scared. Then a few days later we had to go to Baltimore for something


This is really sad, I heard about the Dallas incident last night. It is really sad, and now it's just happening on a daily basis and no one is even stopping it, terrible, terrible thing. I really hope this will all stop, because it isn't good! Please, don't let this go on on a daily basis. :,(


The Dallas incident was truely terrible. Wut would u recommend to do in commeration of these people?


Should we all make a Hopscotch project for them?




I'm scared... ;-;

Luckily I'm in Mexico rigth now...

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I went outside.

The air is still nice.....
Dont worry..... Just stupi.d people getting upset over lies ;-;

But for real, dont be scared....
I sound like a therapist


I'm not scared right now cuz I'm in Mexico....

But I don't want to go back. ;-;-;-;;-;


For realz, I haz not been shot, nothing happening where you or I live.

The only thing im scared of, is this dog



calms down

Thanks therapist XD


I Live Near Dallas, I'm Not Freaked Out '_'


I guess im now a therpist,

Oh.... ;-;


Okey. Yey.

Sir hotdog the therapist helped me, su dun worry :3