#PrayFor(like everybody)


Hey guys!

Hurricane Matthew is brewing down south and is changing lives. Not everybody may understand the severity and it is a very scary thing to go through, and some HSers may be going through it and may be in need of support!

Link projects you made about the hurricane!

(Btw I know hurricanes are scary I had to fly through Sandy and shortly after the airport I was in flooded and that was super scary, so just having to go through that really scares me, I can't imagine what others must be going through!)


I heard about that :0000

I almost got hit by a hurricane a few summers ago when I was on vacation. It was very scary ;-;

Stay safe, y'all who live in the path of the storm! :D


I heard about this, it sounds simply dreadful! All of those poor people will be in my prayers tonight. :)


I'm scared....

Is it coming towards Maryland?



Oh my gosh ;-;

I heard about that ;-;
I'm going to pray very soon :0

It must be really scary!


Im in the path. I live on fl.. Im scared


Yeah, unfortunately I'm expected to get very impacted by the hurricane... it's horrible. My family's stocking up on water and food just in case to be safe.


Were not, we live in tampa, so we r not directly in da path, but if it gets closer, we evacuate


I'm in the path to, North Caroline. It was supposed to not hit as hard with the cold front but that's not really helping much... My family lives in Florida near the coast and I see my grandmother next week, but my grandpa lives on the SC coast on a marsh so...


Don't share your city!

PS- that city is wonderful but that bridge over the water scares me.... Lol


yes it is cool

I'm not religious

but nice


That area is so pretty (I've been to that area a few times) :D

Anyways, BOT!

@Maltese @LazyLizard @Refugeecat123 @minioncandy @Zachyswag (Minnie and Zachy live in Florida, I think) Stay safe, y'all!

Evacuate to a local shelter if needed! Prepare for the storm NOW! Watch the forecast and stay updated! :0

(I'm kinda geeky when it comes to meteorology, so I know this stuff XD)


Yeah, I hope. It looks like we're not being hit by the storm as bad now, but it's still really bad.

We've put up our hurricane shutters just in case.

I'll try to stay as safe as I can :slight_smile:






k so I'm sorry but if the hurricane (that only affects the us and its territories near the us) is coming in the next 24 hrs ish, then y'all should get off the forum


I'm in Florida, but very luckily, the hurricane went just to the side of where I live, so it won't hit us. But I hope anyone else who may get hit with it, I really hope you 1. Have nothing bad happen. But if something bad happens then I hope you 2. At least survive. I don't want to lose any hopscotchers so a windy hurricane!


Is A Town Near Lewisville TX In Danger? I'll Be Praying For Others.


Just looked it up. It is hitting us. :frowning: on the bright side, this means no school! Only a small portion is hitting us, so it won't be as bad as some people, but still pretty bad!


Hope everyone's is safe.....don't want to be loosing anyone..........hopefully this storm doesn't come to Colorado...............


Can you see the storm from your house?

is it near you at all??