Pray for Vegas Topic



For those of you forumers who stay on top of the news, you already know about this. However, those of you who don’t should know.
Click on this link to know more.
I created this to pray for those injured, and I hope the rest of the forum will join me in unit for this cause. I had also wanted to mention a contest for the coders here.

To those who can make a “Pray for Vegas” project, it would mean a lot to me and the Vegas families.

I will create a poll to determine the best projects, and the deadline is Friday, Oct. 6th for submissions.
The results will be posted on Monday, Oct. 9th. Thank you for your cooperation.


(sorry if you were tagged twice :sweat:)


I agree, 50 dead… everybody stay safe <3


I send my prayers to the victims of this terrible incident.


I will make a project tonight. It is very heartbreaking.


Thank you for cooperating for this cause @sophia71205


It’s so sad that tragedies like this ever have to happen. I hope that you and all are safe and sound now :heart:


My friend’s cousin was at the concert and she doesn’t know if she’s alive :disappointed_relieved:
I’m serious


I’m sorry to hear that @DECODECO
Let’s hope for the best, okay? Can you tell your friend I said that?


Thanks for the support :pray:


Oh noz dis is bad!
I read about it on da newz
And btw @KawaiiOaktree3 welcome back


OMG I hope they are ok.



I’m sending my love to everyone who’s had a lover, friend, or family member die in the shooting. I pray they have the strength to survive this tragedy.


I made a project


Last night, I was at a restraunt and the food was delayed. We wondered why and the waiter came and apoligized and said that his family live in Vegas and there was an attack


Prayers and sorry for all of those injured, killed and the families of them.

I hope such things never happen again althougj it’s enevitable


Today is the last day for project submissions! If you have a project, post it on here and tag me. I’ll add you to the poll I’ll be posting at 6:00 ET!


well, since @sophia71205 is the only entry, I guess you win! :grinning:


my cousin was there.


It is really great that you are spreading this message out there!
Even though I am totally pasted this deadline, I anyway made a project for just myself to spread awareness! I 100% encourage others to do the same!