Pray for Nice, France



O my god, i am back! Did you miss me? No time for chit chat! this is not Hopscotch related but there was an attack and today (july 14) is independence day in France and a person decided to run over thousands of people at a fireworks display! A lot of people were killed! What is wrong with that person!?


Ze most likly want something... And thats how they do it sadly, for attention .-.

Its sad... I dont know thats my guess.


I know ;-; it's very sad.
I don't know what's wrong with people. We need to find peace

We have to be HS related tho C:
Maybe you can make projects to spread awareness about this!

Also, I did miss you ): (:


The police killed the bad guy! I understand.


Thanks for your support! I miss you guys! Im litterally crying


I missed you too!
Your welcome! :D


And you know what? Nice spells "nice". What even?!


He could be doing it for other people, like stuff.... ok I dont really know....

You mean me?


yea I am watching it right now on cnn I'm at the airport (somewhere safe​:wink:) and 73 people killed bc of the truck and they found out there was bombs inside the truck!!!!!


it most likely was Isi.s


That guy could have mental problems.
Or... there is something called.... hate



I did not know that! By the way, where are you going? And @MrHotdog64 it was the bad guy excuse not yours!


Isn't it always? I mean,


Some do it for fun! What even?!


somewhere safe​:wink::wink: not out of usa


Yeah, I dont think I...S..I....S is it




Its nt funny! Seriouslyyyyyyyyyyyyy


Why do you keep saying honey?


im going off fer now because I wanna watch youtube videos and my iPad is super glitchy! Its an iPad 1!!!!!