Pray For Dem Peeps To Go Away


Pray for the clowns to go away, they are bad people. They do no good. Pray for dem annoying clowns to go away!


Revive dis Pokémon roght now.


Wut da heck @Phase_Admin


Uh, how is this related to hopscotch? :0

While I agree clowns r creepy, this is very unrealted :wink:


Wat. Do you not live in America?


Yet I am praying but I am being discriminated for doing it? Okay then


I am in da Oceania Crew


Dude their was a clown rampage or something


You're not being discriminated, I'm reminding you of a thing :)


Maybe we can create projects about the clowns!



Let's stay on topic of hopscotch :)



Did you not hear what happened with THE clowns.


I am praying. Ermagosh


Remember @Phase_Admin, keep your topics Hopscotch related. It might even hurt others feelings, or maybe someone could flag you.


No I didn't and I don't want to know. :)


Good idea! starts thinking of creepy clown project



Dude, @liza said that we could be a little off topic. And this is for people that are praying for the clown frenzy to stop


Yah the clowns are rumored to be in my town.

If you don't know who THE clowns are, I wouldn't ask.


Yeah my own my friend's middle school had the clown attach. It was really scary!