Pray for Belgium


Hi everyone!
As most of us have heard, there was a recent tragedy in Belgium. (Not going to explain it; there might be little kids who get scared.) Lets just say people got hurt. This strikes home with me because I am Belgian. (I don't live there, but I'm from there, and I speak French) I am currently making a project about this. Does anyone have any ideas for the project? I'll even collab with someone...

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Awesome! What language do you speak?


Not awesome.....I mean it's awesome you live where I'm from...


I'm glad you didn't quit! Maybe everyone could have a series of projects...?


Cool!! I'd love to collab!

Je suis de Liège!


Je suis adore Belgium parce que c'est trevian!
(I really like Belgium because it is really good country


Me too! Luckily, not as many people got hurt as in what happened in Paris!


What kind of project would you like to make, @Hermione?


I'm not on le list. ;-:

I cri.


You can add yourself!


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I heard @Laura is from Belgium, we were guessing each other's home countries.
I know how it is, it's what usually is on the news, this kind of stuff, but it's hard, but now the news is talking about bad-guys-with-guns attacks (don't you know what I'm talking about? It blocked the word) that we can do nothing about. Crazy people.
Actually, a tornado watch I New Jersey scared me in February. That night, I packed up all of my favorite things in case we needed to get somewhere safe fast, and I still haven't unpacked them all and straightened up my room a bit.


Yeah I know what you are talking about. It's really scary. Right now, I can't get in touch with my relatives there so I hope they're ok! They live close. They must be confused and terrified.

I've never had a tornado watch. I remember hurricane sandy though. That was scary, but I bet a tornado is scarier.


Well, I didn't know it was deadly at that time! Talking about Hurricane Sandy :slight_smile:


I speak French too! Cool! Je suis non Français, :sob::sob:... What happened in Belgium though?? Can you put it in details? I won't be scared! Hmm was it oh I dunno Isis?!


Dont look if you'll get scared

It was a terrorist attack right?


@codingCupcake123 that's horrible! I hope your relatives are okay!
Maybe for a project you could code something like this?

I could help if you want! Again, I really hope that your family is okay!


This is cool! I have to check with @Hermione because we are working together!


Yeah it was. :disappointed:


Do not read if you are sensitive

Yeah it was Isi.s. Suicid.e Bombers in Brussels.

ça me rend tellement fou.