Pray for Baghdad, Medina and Bangladesh Projects


If you are unaware, something terrible just happened.

Something very terrible.

126 people, including 25 children were killed in a bombing in Baghdad.

Because our community is diverse, please make projects and pray for Baghdad. This was a very terrible event, and we must show that we are resilient as a community.

Thank you.


Okay. Will do. That is terrible. D:

Let's make some awesome projects to show support! :3


Another terrible event after another. :confused:

Let's try to be positive and hope for the best for these families.





The Islamic State claimed responsibility, saying that they targeted Shiite Muslisms. It seems like this is happening every few days now. Let's try to be positive, and make projects in support of the families and friends of the victims.


I heard about this! It's devastating.. Really is. :(

I really hope this'll stop, it's terrible, I hope that all the families who's family member died will recover, even if it's hard.

This is terrible news.. :(

Sadly, I can't make a project because I'm really trying to make a project for 4th Of July, but I do hope the families recover! :)


It is terrible.



The sad thing is, people think it's funny to increase the amount of jokes about this kind of attack.

I solemnly go through browsing Instagram without seeing an "Allah Akbar!" Joke and it sickens me how many more of those exist and not more #Prayforbaghdad posts.

Don't joke about this kind of thing.


I have a Muslim friend and I agree. People think it's funny when it's really not. Death is not funny.


:open_mouth: I didn't hear about this! NOOO


Only when your sim dies becusse he's a bad cook.


Yea I have a Muslim friend too, and there's this kid who thinks its funny to make fun of him by saying Allah Akbar! And making terroris.t and bombing jokes in front of him. He's contemplating suicid.e


This is really bad. #PrayForBaghdad
I hope they recover from this... :cry:


#Pray for Baghad..
: (


Ikr it's awful. Fortunately no one I know really does that...




There is this kid I know who likes to joke about and insult Muslims and I just hate it...


I am Muslim and I agree. These "jokes" sicken me. There's even a few projects on hopscotch with those "jokes" :T



That is awful. What kind of person would be ruthless enough to kill innocent people? We shall pray that their families and friends will be okay.


Same :frowning2: