Ppl Who Are Good At Pixel Art and HS, Come Here!



So, I was wondering if someone or some people would help me. If you know me, you know that I had an awesome HS account that I loved, but I got logged out and can't get back in. looks up from iPad No. Questions. Asked. looks back down and keeps typing. So! I was wondering if someone good at coding and/or pixel art would be happy to help me. I need..... a coding partner! What I mean is, since I cannot get on HS, I need someone to create a collaboration account for me and them. First off. If you want to be JUST a coding partner, come here and add your name to the currently empty list.
Coding Partner:

If you want to be JUST a pixel art partner, add your name to the currently empty list.
Pixel Art Partner:

If you want to be both, add your name to the currently empty list.

Heads up! By name, I mean ur username on HSF, THEN ur username on HS. Like so..

And yes, if you can and know how to, keep ur username on HSF regular text, and ur HS username bold. Tysm!


Soo.. we will start tryouts once we have 2 or more ppl for each thing. Umm... fresh cut fruit, anyone? :green_apple::apple::pear::tangerine::lemon::melon::strawberry:🥝:pineapple::peach::grapes::watermelon::banana::cherries:


I would do this, but...

  1. I have a coding partner
  2. I'm too lazy to fill out the form
  3. Meh


Hah! Hey, could you do me a favor, @MiNi?


Depends. What is it that you need?


Not much.
Well, how I think of it.
Idk what you'll think.
If you know anybody that's the bomb.com or just plain good at any of the things I need, could you invite them to this topic?
I would, but since I don't do pixel art, and haven't been on HS in months, I don't really know anyone that would be right for the job.




Thx ur the best!
silently chews cantaloupe slices


@Dylan329 and @Petrichor, Bray asked me to invite people who were awesome.


Lol, that, and, would they be good for the jobs you think?


Dylan is an amazing pixel artist, and NindroidGames is a really good game maker/Coder.


Sorry I am kind of busy so probably can't be a coding partner


That's okay! If you know anyone that could do it, feel free to tell them about this!


I am now inviting @BB-Box to this topic.


Why is this topic dead??
Should I use the OMTL?
Here we go. Don't flag plz!!
@MINI should I use the OTML for this ?