Power Saving mode has a VIOLENT effect on player performance

While creating my project I was using power saving mode. But then I decided to plug my phone in and disable it, I played my project again, and due to me optimizing the experience for Power Saving mode, the project felt sped up by like, 3x??
I just wanna point it out because it is quite an inconvenience, but I don’t think THT can fix that, unless they make the player more lightweight?


Hi there, the project speeding up is actually not because of power-saving mode, if what you are thinking is what I’m thinking? It’s because (idk if this is right or not) the project is loaded and is able to go faster than normal


No, the project just slows down in power saving mode, because well this mode is made to save power!


It’s just that power saving mode kinda slows everything down so battery isn’t wasted so much :low_battery:


Battery Saving Mode, AKA Low Power Mode, limits the device’s frame rate to 30 FPS from 60 FPS everywhere (not just Hopscotch) in order to preserve battery life, so THT won’t be able to fix this.


I don’t know if this is something Hopscotch can control. The reason for this is because iOS will limit any canvas animations (including the HS player) to 30FPS, so what I imagine would have to be done is doubling the calculations per animation frame.

Also, I highly recommend giving this topic a read before you delete the entire bug report template, as this should pretty easily be classified as a player bug.


Yeah I understand, just wanted to point it out xD