Potterheads Unite Club Signups!



Hi guys. So lately, when I’m on Hopscotch I can NOT find a Harry Potter club that people have actually been on recently. So, I guess we need a new one, am I right? I’m a MAJOR Potterhead, so I need some more Potterheads


If you want to join, fill out this form:

Hogwarts year: (What book are you on)
Will you do the challenges:
Get this question right:
What is Harry’s position on the quidditch team?


XP I just had to say that.


@KayKat, @KVJ, @Petrichor, @PIANOMAN, @FATTCAT, @treefrogstudios come look at this


I see you, Sophia!


You insufferable know it all. You are riddikulus


Siriusly, Sophia, Siriusly.
It’s Riddikulus.


Hogwarts year: of course i’v finished
House: slytherin horned serpent
Will you do the challenges: i’l try
Get this question right:
What is Harry’s position on the quidditch team? Seaker lol that’s easy


Hogwarts year:7 (I finished it like 5 times)
Will you do the challenges?: I will try my best
What is Harry’s position on the Quidditch team?: Seeker 6th year he is caption


Hogwarts year: I’ve read them all, including Cursed Child, but in terms of age I’d be a first year if I did go to Hogwarts.

House: Ravenclaw for life!

Will you do the challenges? Yeah, I’ll try my best to do them all.

Get this question right: What position did Harry play on the Quidditch team? Duh, a seeker, meaning he has to catch the Golden Snitch, which ends the game and gives 150 points to his team, Gryffindor. XD


ok I answered 202020


@RavenclawGirl whats ur hs?


You mean my HS username? It’s RavenclawGirl💙


Okay, I’m going to take 15 members. If you want to join, do it by Friday. (That’s October 27)
You are all in!
Also, if your in, make sure you will get notified if I post for this topic!
9 more spots



Okay, everyone who’s already in, here’s the first challenge. Get a pottermore account and screenshot these 4 things:

This is just a kind of get to know you thing. If you can’t make a pottermore account, just do tests online and write your results. This challenge does not count for house points!



House Points
So basically, when I figure out what house everybody is in, I will create a list of everybody and their houses. Then, I will award “House Points” for creativity, doing the challenge, etc. I can also take away points for not notifying me if you can’t do the challenge, no effort, or bad reasons for not being able to do the challenge.


Wait, your patronus is a Chow Dog!?! LUCKY!!!


I lied ‘-‘