Potterheads Unite Club Challenges!



Okay, so for everyone in the Potterheads Unite Club, this is were you will find the challenges. The first challenge will be posted shortly. House Points will be awarded for doing the challenges. More details will be posted later.
The Members
BTW, my hopscotch username is RavenclawGirlđź’™


First Challenge

So basically, what you have to do is find the most interesting HP fact that you know. I will rate
*How interesting it is
*If someone came up with the same one as you
*If I already knew it
*And creativity.
The winning house will receive 20 House Points.
Results Friday!


House Points

I will award House Points for:
Extra Creativity
Doing the Challenge

I will take away House Points for:
Not Doing Challenges
Not Having Good Excuses
Not Trying

At the end of each month I will count up House Points and then announce the winner. I will draw a common room for this month’s winner.
By the way, that’s the end of NOVEMBER.


The most intresting hp thing i know is that dumbldor is gay


Okay, an example is that J.K Rowling considered killing off Ron in the middle of the series. I don’t know why but now that I think about it, that leaves the door open for Harry and Hermione… #evillaugh


idk mutch other than a bunch of random wand lore


were te peple be gone to?


Remus Lupin usually produced non corporeal patronuses to hide from others (and keep from reminding himself) the fact that he was a werewolf.


J.K Rowling stareted writing it on a napkin. I think it’s interesting because anyone can start off with something small and have it become something that has changed countless lives.


Sorta unrelated to the real Harry Potter books, but I coudn’t think of anything!
Rowling is pronounced “ROLLING”.


Luna married Rolf Scamander and had two boys named Lorcan and Lysander!


James Sirius Potter is a Slytherin.


UMMmmm interesting fact…
This isn’t very interesting but…

Harry has glasses because J.K Rowling didn’t want to use the stereotype of the smartest character having glasses (Hermione) and instead put them on Harry, the main character.


Two more days everybody!


So this ISN’T dead





These are sooo funny!!


I saw a realy good one. Ima track it down


Kay cool. I just searched hp comics


One of my favorite HP facts is an owl, considering how close they are to wizards, are an especially rare patronus!


Hey, foxy are you going to dads and donuts?