Potterheads Points System- No Spots Left!



So, like the Regular points system, this is the Potterheads points system. I originally came up with the points system in a hopscotch club I had a long time ago so don't steal my idea.

All the Harry Potter fans will sign up here and every time you do something nice on the forum, I'll give you a certain amount of points. Only Potterheads get points for this. You have to be a real Potterhead to get these points.

@SASSYSINGER 12 points
+5 points for being polite
+3 points for expressing her Potterhead self
+4 points for being awesome

@Ihasfluffycupcakes 7 points
+5 points for being a good friend
+2 points for taking good photo

@EggsOnSaturn1 0 points

@Bubbles4Ever929 2 points
+2 points for staying on topic when everyone else was off topic

@OrangeScent1 4 points
+2 points for drawing nice pictures
+2 points for helping people

@EnchantedAnimallover 2 points
+2 points for asking questions politely

@Maltese 8 points
+1 point for asking good questions
+2 points for being funny
+5 points for making me happy

@HoppingBanana 0 points

@Dude73 10 points
+3 points for being polite
+4 points for expressing herself
+3 for supporting others

@tankt2016 2 points
+2 for being supportive to others

@Deadfr 0 points

@KVJ 10 points
+1 point for telling the truth
+2 points for being funny Harry Potter style
+2 He can't stop being funny
+5 points for being funny and telling the truth

@GracefulIcing1 2 points
+2 points for thanking others

@Giraffedolphin26 5 points
+2 points for being polite
+3 points for great art

Post here if I forgot you

Copying someone's topic

Why would a seal take it? lol
Btw I am making that comic with you in it!


Am I too late to join?


Could I join please? I noticed you in my topic, and looked at this topic. I LOVE Harry Potter, and it would mean the world if I could enter, but if all the spots are filled, then that's alright with me.


Could I please join @friendship2468? I might be too late but I want to join. I love the harry potter series and I'm apart of your harry potter contest.


I'll join! I LOVE Harry Potter so much! :smile:


@friendship2468, for giving me points and being so kind, I gave you a shoutout!
Here is the link: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xx7atp3yv


I'm joining! We like Harry Potter!
The girl watched all the movies and read all the books!


Why don't I have any points??? What do I have to do?


Can I join?


Ooh can I join! I'm a huge fan of the books!

okay, and the movies...


Hey, my wifi wasn't connected, chill DOWN.


Yay! And "telling the truth"?

Stil, at least I won a point as soon as I was added! That's definitely lumosed my day!


What do I need to do to get points?


Okay, that's funny!
Check the leaderboard, guys! @maltese do good things while I see you in a topic. One point for asking good questions for you!


Guess my Accio! spell did work!


No asking for points. I guess I'll let it slip this time.


I added points for you guys! Keep this up and you'll have twenty points in a day! I'll be checking your profiles!


Oh wow, thank you! I just obliviateed that request...

Lol, I can't help these puns, they just accio to me!


That doesn't make sense, you didn't wipe anyone's memory.