Hey piper! I read your bio, i like pokemon too! My favorite one is blaziken!


Do we need a topic for this?? :D


Yes we need a topic for this hermione! It is for me and my friends to talk about code and share ideas and comments!


Ok can you make that cleare in your first post pls??


Sorry. I was hungry XD


I'm hungrry to....


XD. E. djdjjd. J jd. Jd. Jd. Jdjd. Di dk. Sk sck skcs


I'm eating barbecue chips in science right now.

Oops you did'nt need to hear that. I heard your hungry,


It's K I donut like barbecue chips.


Wow. Officially the pun master.


Its, ok. Im not that hungry.


My picture is looking ------)
And winking

Yours is looking
And Staring

Australlia is after them


What? Australia?


My substitute in art is a spy from the underground desert of australlia. She rules an army of sandwiches that will destroy us all.



You are hungry, aren't you?

Also, when you respond, it looks like your winking at me O_O





Blahbalhablah. (I did this because it has to be 20 characters.)


To hide 20 characters, just do this:

<your text here>


Thanks! That would be helpful.

  • Let's end 20 characters!
  • Eh.
  • It's reasonable.
  • 20 characters woo!


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So you can make posts with only a few characters, or none :D