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Name of Project: Potatoformer
Link to the Project: Potatoformer V1.1.11 by Couchpotatoz

Welcome To The Potatoformer Update Topic! Here Is where You Can Reply to updates and view what’s new! I Have Many Things Planed For Future updates, So Don’t miss out on all the new updates in the future!

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V1.2.0 Is Almost out!
It will include the following features:

• Cyber Pack Full Release
• Hotfixes
• Cyber Decor


Cyber Update (aka 1.2.0) has been Released! After a month of development I finally was able to release it! For 10 seeds you can get:

-Cyber Levels (later there will be up to 6)
-Gives me seeds for my month work on a Entirely new Stage-set
-True Ending Coming Soon (beat level 25 in Regular mode + beat all cyber levels)

Also we are nearing half of 1000 Likes! Right now we are 46.2% of the way to 1K! At 777 likes I’ll release a secret event

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Little Semi-Update!

-Added Cyber Decor
-Added Cyber Event

@koiphish @The.8 @Potato @creationsofavillager @Nameless_gamer


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