Potatocat! new!



Anyone love potatoes? Anybody love cats? Problem solved! Introducing the POTATOCAT!! Only £2,000,000,000! (This was random. I'm not British!)


Hopscotch related in any way?


For a collab on a PotatoCat maybe. You wanna collab?


Sorry, I am busy :grin:... Well good luck on your collab!


Many thanks!! Good luck to you as well!


I could collab! I am a 'collaber' #madeupword:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: So I collab with anyone!


Okay! Just tell me your hopscotch user and I'll travel the account ready in a sec!


Okay! It's IntelligentAngelCollab and I the pass is COLLAB


Okay. I published it. I asked you what I wanted in the project, well what you wanted​:wink:.


Edited the title so the title is Hopscotch-related.


How did you do that??? You're not regular, are you?:thinking:


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I'm a regular, just copying system.