Potato Farm Debugging!



I need help with my potato farm game. @OMTL @POMTL @TheCoders
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I have quite a few variables in this game and I plan on making copies of their variables for each potato. The way Iceant the game to work is randomly every 2,500-5,000 milliseconds, the specific potato will appear, when it is clicked, it will increase your score by one and the potato will disappear. I need to copy this code for each potato! But I get so confused with the variables! I need some help and I will make sure to give credit to anyone who helps!


A list of variables:
Variables Currently In The Game:
Potato Count(The number of potatoes in inventory)
Potato 1(The variable showing when potato 1 is available to be tapped)
Tapped 1(The variable that activates after potato 1 is tapped)
Potato 2(Same as potato 1 but for potato 2)
Tapped 2(Same as potato 1 but for potato 2)
Diverse potatoes(An upgrade that has not been added into the game yet but will increase the value of potatoes)
Upcoming Variables:
Duplicates of each variable for each of the other 7 potatoes!


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Help me with this game!


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I’ll try to find all the bugs when I get me iPad


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I think I fixed the first and second potato.


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Thank you so much @sophia71205 I will give credit in the next version of the game!


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@sophia71205 @HopscotchRemixer there is a simpler way were you only need the potato count variable.