Potato Day Challenge!


Well October 27 is national potato day, so here's my tribute! Code a project relating to this amazing holiday, and post the link here. Due on midnight on the 28'so you have two days.

I spam you on HS and HSF
I follow you
I shoutout you
I nominate your project for featured
Feel free to add prizes!

Ready... Set... GO!!!!


Cool idea!
I might not end up doing it, but PotatoCodeā„¢ sounds awesome :clap:


What's potato code? I was just telling my friend about you XD


Waddabout us Brits? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


International potato days on agust 19... @KVJ


owo I feel famous
It was a joke based off the idea of coding about potatos :D


I'll do this challenge! my username is Blueberry_Freak, I'll tell you when im done with the project


I did it!: