Posts not being displayed correctly




I made a post entitled "Bullet Bell" that received thousands of views and hundreds of likes no more than a few days after it was posted. However, I find that more recently when I've posted games they don't get as much traffic.

One thing I've noticed is that when I post a new game, the time the game was posted is displayed as "24 hours". I wonder if this might put the games I've made in the lower part of the daily game feed.

I don't want to be too much of a bother, and the views could just be a lucky coincidence but if there is a problem, then I feel I should bring it up.



For the "24 hours" thing, I believe that was a feature that was added on purpose Duero a crash bug. I don't know about the other things.


Your right @Hoppertoscotch the hopscotch team purposely changed all the times to ether 12 hr or 24 hr
They did this to fix a bug it's ok


Yep, here's the post from @Ian about the timestamps of projects (time when they were published):