Posts Flagged Because of Hopscotch Purposed Emails?



Hey Guys!
I noticed somebody went through and flagged posts that had emails with hopscotch purposes! I got a message and checked some things out, and then I noticed @Hermione's post was also flagged that had her hopscotch email! @CreativeCoder emailed the hopscotch team months back and they said they were OK as long as they didn't have personal info! Did something change that I totally missed? Or is it just me? I'm SUPER confused!
Special Note~ I typed in a HOPSCOTCH email that got flagged, and that's my second flag! :grin:


It's best if you don't share your personal account- that would be bad!!! Instead, we make Hopscotch emails that don't have personal information on it, so they are safe to use and share :slightly_smiling:


Yeah, that's what I wrote along with @Hermione! I don't tell my personal one out, but somebody flagged my Hopscotch email!


They probably misunderstood :confused: Happens a lot


Donald_trump tag. Lol:laughing:


Like @Follow4LikesOfficial they were probably thinking that you were sharing your personal account :wink:. As long as you say this is my hopscotch email, you should be good to go :slightly_smiling:


Think about when you created it:

Does it have your real name? If yes, don't share it.

Does it have your location? Don't share it.

Does it have any other information that can be tracked back to you? Same thing, if yes, don't share it.


It didn't have any, which is the weird part. I've been flagged a lot, but most were never confirmed. The first time I got flagged I was new to the forum and then I freaked out when I got that message.


It's totally okay- I'm going to make a flagging posts topic.


OH NO!!! Da Crazed Flagger strikes again! (dramatic music)


I actually talked to Liza about this a bit ago, and the main problem is not that it might have your name/location.
The problem is contact outside of the forum. On the forum, you are talking with Hopscotchers in a safe, public environment with people (such as me :P) who make sure no bad things appear.
But, with emails, and yes, even Hopscotch emails, you are talking with a complete stranger in a potentially unsafe environment - you don't know who is on the other side of that email. It could be a bad guy. And we can't see/stop innapropriate messages in Hopscotch emails.

Think about it like this. If some random person came up to you on the street and asked for your number, you wouldn't give it to them. not because your number reveals anything about you, but just because you don't really know who that person is, and what their intentions are.

Now in this chat with liza she didn't explicitly express that we should stop Hopscotch emails entirely, but now she approved flags of Hopscotch emails so I can only assume they really aren't allowed anymore.


I am sorry that was me, I am afraid, that flagged those posts. I didn't know they were Hopscotch emails and thought you guys shouldn't share that type of info. I mean, if you have to put spaces in what you are saying to bypass the filter, maybe you shouldn't post it. Just sayin' :slightly_smiling:


It's ok! I'm not mad, I just really was wondering if I did anything wrong! Don't feel bad at all! :wink:
Note: Discourse comes up with the things that have to be blurred, so the HT doesn't really control that! :wink:


And it's also really nice of you for caring about these things! And, you made a good choice about the flag. There are so many things out there that shouldn't be flagged, but you went with your gut and flagged them. That's leadership, I guess!
Thanks for looking out for the rest of us!


No problem, but next time, don't share things like that. Like @BuildASnowman said, you don't really know who you are talking to when you are online.

(Oh, and, GO BRONCOS!)


I guess... I was trying to help Hermione out, because she had so many people in her club. Don't worry, I think it'd all worked out now! @Liza any opinions on this?
PS- you make great choices in life


Thank you @LazyLizard for making this topic for me you are so nice!