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Hey guys!
So, posting on hopscotch is a topic we don’t really think about. If we want to post something, we write a piece of interesting code that we are proud of, write a title, pick a cover picture, and add it to a channel if we would like. But, did you ever think about three of the things I mentioned: posting code that we are proud of, finding a title, and finding a cover picture? Well, I am going to cover those topics! SO…

Posting a piece of code we are proud of is SO important! If you post something that is just eh, chances are others will think its eh, too. Which isn’t a bad thing, but YOU don’t feel good if you just posted something for so many of your fellow coders to see and it wasn’t your best work, or you weren’t proud of it. Post something that a), makes you happy, b), challenges your brain, c) is something never brought to the table, and d) you are totally proud of and YOU think is amazing! Don’t post a drawing pad just because everyone else is! Post something that YOU are proud of, you love, and trust me I am sure if you love it, others will love it too! And if not, WHO CARES! You are not on Hopscotch for likes and popularity (I am assuming!) but instead on there to learn code, challenge yourself, grow your skills, and to communicate with other coders just like you!

Picking the right title for your projects are SO important! If you pick a title that isn’t so interesting, doesn’t show your project in a positive way, and is controversial that causes people to not pick on your project, then no one is even going to click on it, if that is your goal!

Same goes for picking the right cover picture. Don’t just show a plain white screen! Show a specific scene in your RP, or a specific spot in your game that is particularly interesting! Make it interesting! However, if you do not care about views and likes and just want to code to code, this shouldn’t bother you. But still, please pick an appropriate title and cover picture!

I hope you guys enjoyed that post! If you want to add to my explanations and rants, comment down below! If you need help or are unsure, do the same! Please like this post if you want to see more! Check out my Hopscotch account, Swati_Bang! Thanks for reading!


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This is a great topic! Is it ok if I tag the OMTL? Thanks for you time for typing this, I think it’ll be super helpful.