Posting more on hopscotch



Hey yall so ima try to post something on hopscothc every day except weekends. This does not mean i will not post on weakends just that i dont want to feel an oblagation to do so

Idk how sucsesfull ima be with this but i wana try

me teg list

If u wana join tag me and tell me

also plz tell me if u said u wanted to be in my tag list but i didnt add you. I havent updated the document recently


That is cool! I am excited!


May I please be added to yo tag list?


Hehe can I join Thanks!

(I think you got more than 10 likes of you “Swipe” game :joy: It’s really good)


Awesome! Can I join your tag list? :D


I thought I was in your tag lost. Can I join?


LoL sory i forget to add pepole to the google dock so thats probs why u wernt in ir


That’s so cool!
Thanks for letting us know!!!


I might check hopscotch and give a look at your projects if I have time. :+1:


You are a really bad faker