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Hi noble citizens of the forum!

I’m pretty sure I saw somewhere that forum users aren’t allowed to post links from other websites in the forum. Is this true? :thinking:

I’m currently writing a book on Wattpad that I’d like to share. I haven’t published it yet but I will soon. I’m wondering if I’m allowed to post the link of my book here? If not, am I allowed to mention the title here so that you guys can search it up and read it?



yes. but there are loopholes which are allowed I think.

You can post it in the Y taco

I think this topic can be closed and merged to the q and a topic?



This would depend on the platform, but it likely won’t be allowed since you are sharing content that isn’t moderated by Hopscotch.

You could, however, make it into a Hopscotch project, make sure that’s appropriate, then post the link to that on the forum. There are some great templates for this as well!


Hi there @Stella!

Yes, this is partly true. What we say in the rules is that:


This means that you aren’t allowed to share any links to websites containing or allowing you to share personal information, or to websites that allow you to contact and talk with others.

Of course, you are also not allowed to share any links with content that break any of the other guidelines that is mentioned on the topic I quoted either.

So, you are allowed to post outside links, as long as they are appropriate. But make sure they are relevant to the discussion and on topic, as in related to Hopscotch.

Some websites have been specifically clarified or denied. You can find those here.

Reading about the Wattpad story, it sounds like something that wouldn’t be allowed to share here since I believe you can comment on Wattpad stories and follow each other, so it’s essentially like a social media. Those types of accounts aren’t allowed to be shared as I mentioned earlier.

With that said though, we have a category on the forum called Writer’s nook, which specifically is for sharing stories you have made with others! Note that you have to code projects for your story in Hopscotch though.

Here is a link to more information about Writer’s nook:

I hope that this answers your question!


I’m writing this in a second reply to keep the answer separated in its own post :slight_smile:

That’s correct, any questions about guidelines can technically go in the topic called “Leaders Q and A topic”.

However, it’s always better to ask a question than hesitate to because you are unsure where to put it :wink:


oh didn’t read this lol


@William04GamerA thanks for the info!
I can’t seem to find the info on ‘Writer’s nook’ though.


Hi, I think I know why, my bad! You will get access to that category once you have been on the forum for a little longer :slight_smile:

These are the requirements you have to meet:

They can be found here.


Alright. I noticed that some forum users ‘hide’ their accounts from the rest of the forum. Do I have to meet the member requirements to be able to view them?


no, there’s just a setting in your profile (preferences → interface → hide my profile [or something like that lol]) that lets you hide your profile to others


^this is the answer to that!


@Stella do you still need this topic?


Nope don’t think so


Cool – and if you need this topic for whatever reason in the future just tag @⁣Leaders and they’ll be happy to help you!