Posting Less...Probably 😅



So, yeah, this is the normal "I'm probably not going to be on because of homework, etc." But I'm going to write a paragraph, because I don't feel like doing history homework :stuck_out_tongue:

So, school's started up again, I am not only overloaded with homework, schoolwork and extra curricular activities. It's the summer term. To me the words "Summer" and "Term" translates back to me as Exams+Revision=Me being less active. Yay. Summer term at my school is the most shortest and busied. We have exams, mock exams, school trips, residential trips, award ceremonies, more exams, extra homework, and much, much more. So, I won't be on as much. I will still be on, obviously. Oh, and I won't be on HS for my birthday :confused: , but then we are going on a residential, so no reason to complain, really. I'd thought I'd tell you guys first, so then I don't get trolls on hopscotch that go like
And stuff like that! You get what I mean :smile:
Thanks for reading!


I love it how people like but don't respond XD


Ahoy hoy! Sad to see you're going :frowning2:! Do come one AMAP! (Substitute "much" in ASAP)


I'm not leaving, just posting less XD I should explain better


That's a plus! Phew!


:smiley: most of the time I'm not meant to be on here, oh well XD