Post your photoshopped/edited images here


I know what you all are gonna say HOWI IS THIS HOPSCOTCH RELATED well many forumers have been photoshopimg images of messages from Liza so I thought those people could improve there skills and stuff here :upside_down_face:


I made both of these on afininty photo


An update idea of mine


please no

the old layout… I miss that thing ;//


SBYP please.

This also fits in part of the photography topic.


But this topic is only for photoshopped/edited images


same thing, really


Photoshopped and edited images would fit in in the photography category I think


so this is photography?


yeah, it fits in photography


I think this topic can stay :upside_down_face:


FTU magma pop images


my god


You just posted the same photoshopped image again. This topic isn’t exactly going anywhere.


No I didn’t those are parts of that image that are ftu


it’s…it’s just a zoomed in version.


No I used those images to make that one magma pop doesn’t actually follow me


I know. I’m saying that’s a zoomed in version of each part, it’s nit anything new. No one’s exactly posting any photo shopped images. But whatever have fun with this



I love it lol