Post your November 2016 update ideas!



What do you think could be for next month's update?
Mine are...

-Alot of skills
-new "follow object" block
-Maybe a Thanksgiving theme?
-maybe "only repeat if _ =_" block?

I know these are crazy, but they are cool.
Post yours in the comments!



Idk, but your ideas are cool! However, I think the last one can be remade with other blocks, though.



You can recreate 2&4 with other blocks.


I know how

Object 1
Follow finger

Object 2
Follow finger

Here you go.


I personally like Hopscotch the way it is now, and I not really that exited about updates. But, I sort of want another interface change. Just sort of. My idea was something similar to the YouTube mobile app. Really I just want a new profile interface, maybe we could have a custom background for it (not the whole thing, just the top of it), and subscribers could make it any photo the want. Non-subscribers would have simple things like stripes and polka dots and hearts. Yeah, there is my idea.


(Sorry for CAPS)

  • Only gonna get 3 skills a month

  • Easily can be recreated, no use

-Not everyone celebrates thanksgiving (looking at you England)

-Can be recreated


Guys, don't give this person so much hate. All they wanted to do was talk to you guys about what you think and want the next update to be. You don't need to be so rude.


This should be the HS the,e song !!!!
My friends and I are obsessed with this song


Thank you! What's your hs?


Potter productions
There's another person on here though, but their name is long, and I forget


Half of that is possible, and pretty easy.


I think a repeat until block would be great! And cheaper subscriptions...


I like the idea of a "repeat until" block! (UPDATE: I will be making these in assembly, so tell me soon.



You can use values, or the repeat block to do that.


Oh cool! Can you send me a screenshot?


right now, I'm doing homework. How about, let's say, ten to twenty minutes?


Homework? Don't be funny. I'm in k-5 so I don't get homework on weekends