Post your milestones here!


This topic is where you post your Hopscotch & Forum milestones!

What is a milestone?

A milestone is an accomplishment, like 1st project or 1st like! It's a #big accomplishment! Our milestone today is we've been on the forum for 100 days! This is our 100th.

Okay, that was a short topic.

Friendly mass tag list!


100+ likes achieved!

100+ days
Liked/filled by smileyAllisa
Liked by magmaPOP
Liked by way more people who I am too lazy to put


Cool! I never knew you've been liked by MagmaPOP!


A few that I have passed are:
First project
Getting 100 likes
Getting followed by SmileyAlyssa
Getting a like from THT

And a few that I want to pass are:
Learning sin/cos and understanding it
Getting followed by THT
Getting featured
Getting rising


Me too! I haven't gotten a like from the Hopscotch team though.


Milestone: Getting featured for the first time
Milestone: getting on the Forum!


4000+ likes
100 days on the forum
Making new friends
Dunno what else...


Weird off-topic fact

You know, I just found out you can run out of topics to create in one day. I can't create one for 2 hours.


I sound arrogantish, I'm sorry!

Surpassing 1000 likes, thrice!
Getting featured, thrice!
Having projects liked by THT!
"Meeting" tankt2016 who is the only Hop to invite me, twice!
Joining the forum, thri— er once!
Getting on Rising, thrice!
And this may seem strange but it was months ago: getting 30 likes!
Reaching a birthday of Hopscotchin'!


Why? Would it be arragnodhisd
Or whateves


My First project! (It was pretty decent :3)


Mine are
Getting my rising!
400+ likes
Followed by @SmileyAlyssa @SmilingSnowflakes and more!


Cool! I wish SmileyAlyssa followed us again.


Me too! I'm making more projects with potential so I can get recognized by her again. :D

My accomplishments! :0

Getting liked by @SmilingSnowflakes and @LotsaPizza
Getting 98 likes on my project
Discovering drawing on hopscotch
Getting liked by The Hopscotch Team
Having lots of people who support me! :3


Just getting liked by the hopscotch team...


My first project to go over 10 likes
My very first featured project


1st Project
1st Feature
1st time I was followed (By someone I didn't know!)
When I first joined the forum
When I earned regular


I can retire now XD


Whoa, I got trending with 115 likes! I gave ourselves about 10 likes on different accounts though, including the 100th like…:stuck_out_tongue:


Well,I was liked by Rawrbear recently, AwsomeJohnson follows me, InnerSparkle follows me, Tankt2016 follows me, OrangeScent liked my project, @Intellection74 liked some of my mine so did dude 73. I'm getting tired of spelling, so I just did @