Post your LOL moments!







I mean come on, I knew that exsisted and thought.

They could save money if they took that off the App Store!


Hi! This is something like Poast your 'woah' moments so credit to the creator of the topic.I can't find the topic for that.
At here, we'll post funny moments that we experience in HS.Heres an example:

I can't wait to see yours!


What project is that? I wanna play it :0


what project is ittttt


There's a topic similar to this called post your LOL moments! Would you like to recycle?


The creator is @Creatorstyle


It is @Caramel_Puffin 's mad lids.
His/her HS user is CaramelPuffin


That project is so cool! I found it on Trending, and had so much fun playing it!


Please SBYP this topic allready exsists, @rawrbear made it.


@Huggingfluffybear @Niftynia75
I search it up and saw that it hadn't been active since July 12 which means that no one had replied for more than a month.
Should we invite some mods here to do some investigations?


I actually already made a topic for this :wink:

It's called "post your "LOL" moments!" Do u wanna recycle?


What should I do?


You cam recycle, or have a leader close :D


hi @Rainboom
When I checked the topic,it hadn't been active.
Here's a poll

  • Close this topic
  • Don't close,


Votes are public.


That's ok, you can revive the topic! :D

I don't think you should close this, just recycle :3


Can you help me think of a new topic so I can recycle this?


Oh wait, I have an idea! I can ask a leader or a mod to merge this topic to the Post your LOL moments!


I'll ask a leader @Rainboom


Hi Inty!
Can you please moved this topic to Post Your LOL Moments