Post your LOL moments!



So, like the "post your "WOAH" moments!" topic, this is where you can post those moments on hopscotch when you are like "LOL that's hilarious!!!" Here are some of mine!

my lol moment!

lol thx for the spam likings @Starrycat!

Post your Funny Moments

@rainboom is this funny?


YUS IT IS FUNNY!!!!!!! That's so weird!!


Hey @FluffyMice! Figured out how they might of done that!

maybe answer

It's the same person, and they just changed they're name and pic and followed you in order to make a message!



I did it... Lol @rainboom


Oh... Wait what da who what?!?! How do you follow yourself??!?!?!!?


More accounts :smirk:


Ohhhhhhh........ MAKA DA SENSA


you know....srlsy who wouldn't know?



I don't have a photo but once this project had 345786421113578999 likes.
I think it's a glitch.


Wow it must be! more people pls?


Once a project gets 10 likes, it goes back to 1!


But the world only has 700,000,000 people!


Once what happend is someone remixed my birds and Beas saying this was not a approritate game!:stuck_out_tongue:


Actually, we were at 7.125 billion in 2013 and we are expected to reach 8 billion people by 2024. :sweat_smile:

Sorry, I researched that a few days ago. :joy:


It's a joke about 7,000,00 people​:stuck_out_tongue:


Bro. Search up the answer. There are about 7,000,000,000 people on Earth.


It's a common joke!!!




This is really sad look how many people are dying!

And how do they calculate this?