Post your Hopscotch designs/concepts here!



Hey guys!

Ever had an idea for new Hopscotch feature, block, character, or maybe design? Well, draw them using your favourite medium and post a picture of it here! You can use paper, iPad, or even Photoshop screenshots of the real app!

I can't wait to see what you guys make! Have fun :)

P.S. plz let me know if you can find duplicate topics. I searched and got nothing.




Cool idea!!
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I have coded a new project publishing screen concept before that includes Time Scheduling.


That's really cool! Could you share the link please?


Yeah, but I have to scroll down a lot...


Cool topic! :D


I was making a concept video for new sound blocks in Hopscotch, never got round to doing this xD


Oooh! I have an idea for something like 'showcases' on profiles. I think they have this on Scratch (but I'm not sure)

There would be a section on your profile under Published where you can choose a few projects to go there. I would love to do a concept/mockup. let me see if I can do that...


Here is one picture of how it might work:

or actually, this could just be formatted the same way as 'Continue learning' and 'Drafts' are formatted on the Projects tab

people could put work that they are proud of (it doesn't have to be super epic! just something that they had fun making) or could just put things that they would like for others to see when they visit their profile :relaxed:

one of the things that it might do is maybe encouraging people to maybe get to see/visit more profiles e.g. they could do this scrolling through Newest for example, pick random profile and see what people have made.

and if you want to add something to your showcase, you could tap ... for your own projects, then there could be a button for Add to my Showcase or something like that.

edit 2:

here is another picture to show that:

and I think this could work because they can display projects on tabs like Rising, Featured etc and this is just on each profile rather than on a tab.

And if you want to remove a project from your Showcase, it would change to Remove from my Showcase instead. Hmm, and it would be nice if there was a way to order the projects on your showcase too.

Hehe, I used Xcode/Swift to do a quick simple alert for the second picture. and if you happened to be wondering, I just used Photoshop for putting the separate parts together in both pics.

😎😎😎 official Hopscotch update ideas topic 😎😎😎

Speaking of other topics, I do remember there was an idea that @Fishyguitars did for history of branching projects that I mentioned in another topic, a while ago. Let me see if I can find it...

here we go:

(I still think this would be a pretty cool feature to have!!)

I did not catch the "video" part the first time; that is an awesome idea :smiley: hehe :thumbsup:

this reminds me, I think oio's idea for sounds would be rather nice to have:

then that brings me to all these ideas that people would put for Hopscotch:

there would be a lot of ideas here if people are interested in designing any :smiley:


I was thinking of adding:

Set Tempo
Play (note) for (beats)
Set Volume
Play (sound effect) wait (ms)