Post your 'FINALLY' moments



We all have those moments where we get something done and we are like 'finally!'
Like when you have been trying to figure some code out and you suddenly get it right.
You can post them here!


I worked allot on my collision detect, block pusher code
And when I figured out 360 degree scrolling with collision detect, block pushing, I was like "finally" I've solved the problems I first found when using hopscotch. Figuring out these codes enables me to create more advanced code and projects.


Nice topic! You are halfway there!


One finally moment: when @smileyAlyssa refollowed me!


The moment I finally finished Cake-PAD 3.0 XD
I wanted it done so bad! :D
Great topic @GoatLord!


The moment I finally finished my Anna Pixel art xD


The moment I finally got a famous follow!
I had been waiting for the day for ages!
I think it was AHC?
I'm not sure, someone else might have been before that.


You could count:
The moment(s) I got featured
Each time i reached a milestone (particularly of likes or plays)


When I finally got my cannon thing in an upcoming game was defenitly a finally moment! I spent so much time doing all this math stuff before I realized I just had to put in a 'set angle' xD


When I finally learned values. this was when I started my KawaiiPad!


When this finally became nice topic!




*grabs defibrillators, uses them