Post your favorite hopscotch game


Start posting your favorite video game(on or not on hopscotch) or your favorite game! Put next to it what type of game like card game or video game real.


Are you going to do anything in Hopscotch about this, just out of curiosity?


The sims 3 for pc is bae


This topic isn't Hopscotch related! Remember to make topics that are related to Hopscotch! :wink:


@Misterdellama, if you aren't doing anything with this but asking for games, then this isn't Hopscotch related.


Sorry, but half the projects are not hopscotch related @Rawrbear


I can tell that this topic is going to get closed soon because of flagging. Read the community guidelines, you're not allowed to make off-topic posts! The more flags you get, the less of a chance of getting Regular, like me!

@Kiwicute2016, can you please reevaluate this topic?


Oops sorry.:sweat::disappointed_relieved:
I didn't really read the community guidelines because I don't like reading guidelines.


Yes I can :smirk:.

Let's make this as Hopscotch related as possible! Maybe you can make the favorite game on Hopscotch. You could even make it into a collab :scream:! I would really enjoy seeing what you could make out of it!
Ps. Love the name!


My favorite game is Tower Quest by MagmaPop