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Drawing Time!!!

Hiya! If you don't know me, I'm @HappyPerson! I'm friends with everyone! Friendshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip!!!!!!!! (This happens a lot. I'm not going crazy.)

This topic is where we can post what styles you usually draw in, what you usually draw, and post pictures of artwork. You can do it from HS or paper!

I want to see all of your beautiful drawings! Some drawers I know:

@PopTart0219 (I'm positive!)
@TheDrawer (obviously)

Anyone else can do it!


There is already a topic for this


There already a topic for this. :D please SBYP.


You can merge this w\ another topic


Have you seen this drawing topic? It's the official one​:slight_smile:


Why??????!!!!!! There are always topics mine! So I can't keep it?


Unfortunately not.


Yeah you will have to close it


Hai! :D
Like the others have said, we try not to clog up the forum with duplicate topics. Everyone can post their art here! :D


Is it possible to close your own topics if your not leader?


It's not possible to close topics, but you can recycle! :D Just ask everyone to delete their posts, then edit your topic so it turns into another topic! :D
@HappyPerson, don't hate yourself! Everyone makes mistakes, so don't worry. :D


You have no reason to hate yourself.:slight_smile: It's just the rules of the forum that everybody follows.


@Kiwicute2013 please close this.


i don't think she's on, and even if she is she can't close things w/o leader powers :stuck_out_tongue:


Regs should have Leader powers!


I'm sorry to also burst your bubble @HappyPerson but
@LotsaPizza left...


Noooo! They did! That stinks!


Then what would be the point of demoting the Leaders?



Wait, this is closed?