Post Random (but appropriate) Art Here! There's Also A Contest!

You can post your art here! As long as it isn't inappropriate, your good! I'll take a look and give a prize to the top three artists! Contest ends Saturday, but keep posting as long as you want. If you're good at drawing on your computer screen, here's an art pad that I created that you can use! Click here to see the art pad! I hope you enjoy the art contest, and I can't wait to see your entries! Label your post, My Art Entry, on this topic so you can enter. I'll put your name on the list below.

People Entering



I'll enter the contest!

I want to enter! I hope you don't mind!
^( '‿' )^

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Can I use a different art app if I join

Has to be Hopscotch, but any art pad you wish.

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Sure! I'll add you in.

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I just have a question. Are there going to be any prizes? Like spam likes or something like that? Just wondering

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Yup! There will be logos, shoutouts, likes, follows, etc.

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