Post Notifications in Hopscotch?


Note: Don't go saying "Hopscotch isn't social media blah blah blah." This is just a suggestion.

So let's say that you wanna be the first to like MathGirl's new project. You can go to her profile and click on a bell or something and it will say that you turned on her post notifs. Post notifs are notifications you get when a certain user posts something. This will appear in your activity tab. It will say "MathGirl posted a new project." You can either tap the project to play or go to her profile and like.
This is just a suggestion, but I feel like it would be a sweet feature to add.


That's a great idea! I think this would be cool to stay tuned with different users- especially if your Following tab is packed full of projects.


Cool! That could maybe tie in with follows, if you follow someone you have the option to turn on project notifs for them :3


Kinda like youtube?

But anyways, good idea!


Kewl idea!!! :thumbsup:


Yeha, like YouTube, Instagram,, etc.


Sounds cool! Maybe there should be a separate tab for that, so it doesn't clog up your activity. Also, it should relate to followers, in my opinion.


I only use youtube out of those things!


  • VERY good idea, get @liza
  • I like it!
  • Ok!
  • Sure but there needs some fixes
  • Not really
  • Nah
  • idk mabey


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Yeah, that would be a great idea!
Then I could see what others are making in real time and notice them beforehand!


Great idea :D
Definelity something i'd like to see in Hopscotch!


This would be nice!

I think Hopscotch is social media for kids to learn programming xD


Cool idea! :D