Post Funny Remixes Here!



We all see that remix that just cracks us up. This is a topic where you can post a funny remix or project that you find. For example, I just made the Dell logo and look what happened...

They turned Dell into Adele. This made me laugh sooo much. Post your funny remixes or projects here!


Someone turned my Easter Game into a Passover game. Idk if this is funny buttttttttt


Hehehe...PHOTO BOMB!
That remix is good tho!


I just realized this but @PandaBlossom liked my project!!!


What? Is there something bad about that??


I don't know if this is funny but someone remixed my birds and bees game here's what they said


This isn't too funny, but the Hopscotcher BESTIES FOEVER makes lots of other weird and funny other projects.


It's not bad at all! It's great!


How is that great..?
XD Lel I'm so weird




I see.. Leprechauns were made... Uh huh... If you say so


These are so funny... Hahaha...

I'm serious.




I saw that remix too! Lol


Welcome to the forum! I absolutely LOVE your profile picture and user card. You're so lucky you have such a cute dog!


Thanks! Is that puppy yours too on your picture?


I wish! No, it's from the Internet.


Looks just like mine... But so sad... My dog had clumps of knots in his hair so we had to shave his fluffy fur off...


*Secretly watches funny stuff pop up from teh shadows


I don't even know lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Leprachauns are real—if you believe in them. :wink:

And leprechauns were probably made before the Illuminati (what is an Illuminati?).