Possibly useless but



How do you get the message next to your name?


I think @Kiwicute2016 put it on some people :smile:


ooh....Okay...I was going to ask for a different one but...


@Kiwicute2016 was changing them for DOS only!


Well.Looks like i'm the useless one that doesn't do anything :)


@AmiiboTrash it's okay :slight_smile:

It's fine that you didn't ask for one, I didn't either,

I was also freaking out when everyone else had their titles, and all had been promoted to moderator, and playing a trick on me xD


Can @Kiwicute2016 make one for hopscotch's third birthday?



Also @AmiiboTrash don't worry!
If you don't LGBTQ+ which I do its fine!
We respect each other and don't got out of hand :D


I thought everyone was a moderator too!


I do support LGBT. I have quite a lot of queer characters.