Possibly Quitting?


Hey guys, it's VanillaOwl, and.. Uhh. XP

Well, I might be quitting. Both the forum and Hopscotch. I just get really busy, and hopscotch (don't get me wrong it is awesome) has taken up a lot of my time... But for now, I might be staying but next month? I'm not sure... I just lost interest a bit and I'm not sure if I should stay. I've been taken away from the real world. But maybe I could stay but I'm leaning on leaving. Thanks.

I'd appreciate an opinion of yours!


I understand! ITs your choice if you want to stay!


Try taking a break. When you come back, you will feel better.




I really think it is up to you. We will accept your decision, whatever you choose.


I'll respect your decision whatever it is. Obviously I want you to stay here but I completely get where your coming from.

Real life is more important though so make sure you don't prioritise HS over real life :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:





I guess it's your choice, I'll respect your decision. :0

You're a really awesome and big part of this community pie (lol), and without you, the pie isn't whole. D:

But if you have real life things going on, focus on them.


I really, really don't want you to go.
Maybe... Take a break? Clear your head? Decide if you should come back?


what nooooo
pleeeesssss dun go ;-;
All senpais r leaving ;n;
Why ;-;


Ty Maltese :D

I'm trying my best to balance stuffs RN XO


Okay. Best of luck :DD




But, I understand, it's your decision, awesome-fren. :)


It's your choice, but I think you should just take a break.


You can leave if you want, but I'd rather have you stay. It's your choice though!


:) Thank you SS :)

Thank you everyone who's respecting my choices.


I will tell you in one word: SCHOOOOOOOOOOL!

School's still awesome though


I don't leike da fact dat so many people are leaving.:slight_frown:
But I respect your decision.:slight_smile: