Possible Way to Get More Sounds!



To get custom colors, you have to copy and paste the HSB code into a 'Set Color' block to change the code "behind the block". Maybe, you could use the same method with Sound blocks. I don't know what sound files Hopscotch uses, but maybe we could put sound files into Sound blocks, like you put HSB code into Set Color blocks. Does anyone know what kind of sound files Hopscotch uses?

-Tori the Crafter :yellow_heart:


Nope. We tried putting a text object that said "cool!" And it started the the sound of a light saber.


Had this idea a while ago, I don't know how to do it. But it sounds like it will work!


Hmm @liza what Proggraming language do you use to make sounds?


@buildasnowman checked, no high note files :frowning:
But THT is adding a new sound update soon! I'm pumped up


A new sound up date YES YES YES YES ( screams and runs out of the room)


Awesome! Any violin notes? Any other instruments? Or is it a surprise :0


Wait does that mean half notes,eight notes,higher sets of notes be cause that is what I need


Liza said it was in the iPhone version but I couldn't find it


-cue detective music- may the hunt begin
Also can you remix a project from my profile on Alpha? I want to see how it appears and if it shows the remix icon and it appears in the remixes


I tried, but it always makes the same sound. You know when you mess up with the custom colors, and the color just turns gray? No matter what I did, the sound was always like a lightsaber or a space gun or something. I tried for a while, but there is probably some way.


Copy and pasting sounds won't work. @Liza or @THT programmed it so that there is a special code for each sound. There isn't something like HSB in the sound world, but there is frequency and decibels. Hopscotch isn't that advanced yet, they only have a database of sounds, which are assigned names respective to their purpose. For instance, copying and pasting the dog bark will give you -dog- (I think! :wink:)


Yes! I'm glad try are adding new sounds!!! I hope it goes to at least a high E


Can I give any spoilers for the update we have all been waiting for? (iPad version)