Possible maybe?


Just a simple suggestion, do you think the Hopscotch team should make it possible to upload your own picture to hopscotch as a project? Because as I said in an earlier post it's hard, and complicated to draw on a phone. It could be added as a creation choice along the lines of "upload pre-made creation". Does anyone else agree?


You can upload photos if you subscribe.


I don't really agree, coz it is leike you just publish a background, except dat da background is an image.
(Mai opinion here, nuu offence!(・ω・))


Don't you have to pay for a subcription tho? Not everyone is gonna wanna pay for that.


Yah, but THT needs money. If you knew about the subscription why did you suggest this lol?

Also, welcome to the forum!



There's some other texts /shapes you can use by copying from this site and pasting them into the "Set Text" block.

Some work with Hopscotch and some don't.
You can check them out if u are interested.


Please SBYP there is a topic already like this.