Possible Inactivity (for 1 week)



(Yes, I'm going on vacation 3 days after I come back from another. XD)

Hello Hopscotchers!

I am going on vacation again! This time I'm allowed to bring my iPad, luckily. c:

I am visiting my grandparents in New England. The problem is, since they live in a somewhat-remote area, they have weird WiFi at their house. (In other words, it's sometimes good, sometimes bad.) So that means that I might be on Hopscotch, I might not.

Same thing for the forum. Except that I sometimes use my mom's phone for the forum, and her phone generally gets a better connection than my iPad. So I would probably be on the forum more than Hopscotch.

I also will be on the plane for 2.5 hours, so absolutely no WiFi then! At the airport, I will be on here as much as possible, but two of my friends will be at the airport tomorrow too, so we may have a party there. XD

This will last from July 1-July 8. Remember, though—there is a chance that the WiFi will be OK and that I'll be on both HS and the forum very often! c:



I'm in Europe right now and the wifi is terrible! I haven't been on that much lately. Have fun at your grandparents house!


And yeah, Europe would probably have bad WiFi. :P


Enjoy NE!

I wonder if England is better than New England… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: