Possible glitch, or my mistake?



I was trying to make a calculator when I stumbled upon a possible glitch. I used :arrow_up_small: and :arrow_down_small: to control the values, when I used this code:
When :arrow_down_small: is tapped
Increase value (number 1) by -1
When I did that, for some reason it decreased the value by two every time I did it. As I dug deeper into the problem, I saw that it decreased the value by one more whatever I had enter. I was able to work around, so it became this...
When :arrow_down_small: is tapped
Increase value (number 1) by 0
And it worked! So is this something Im messing up on, or is this a possible glitch?


This seems like a glitch. You should email the HT about this.


Could you provide a link? (Publish the project and unpublish if you must)




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I Saw It, And It Worked Perfecley!