Possible change to the forum?


Hey guys and @Liza , I just thought of a really cool idea, I have been wanting to change my name for quite a while now, but I can't on the forum, hence preventing me from changing it. I thought it would be cool if there was a way to change your name on the forum. What do you think?

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Well, the reason you can't change your name is that the tags would break, and possibly ruin the forum. If they could find a way that wouldn't break the tags, I'd love that idea though!


You could if you literally just joined. But you can't because that would mess up tags and stuff, but moderaters can change *names.


It would break the whole tag system so that's inposible pretty much.

Also I changed this to help with code this has nothing to do with collabs.


I would love to be able to change my name!


I agree! It would be awesome!


As I'm sure other people have already posted, it would crash the forum of you could change your name.


It would break all the tags. I think Kiwi's name was @Kiwicute2015 and it got changed. I think they delted most of the tags but I sometimes still see broken tags today


name change for leaders only. everyone name change, all tags become broken.


My name used to be Phase Studios on the forums. But now I am @Phase_Admin.


How did you change it?


You have to ask a mod.