Positivity=Good stuff



Positivity is good :stuck_out_tongue:

The forum's been a bit sad lately. Spread positivity! Say something nice to a Hopscotcher, good things about Hopscotch or the community, etc.!

Keep it related and kind, please. Thanks!


Bob23873 says, "Our collab was so fun Bobby2973!"
Bobby2973 says, "Yeah! Thanks for doing that with me!"

Timmy283 says, "Idk2837 makes awesome projects!"
Person8274 replies, "NO THEY DON'T!!"

I think you guys know the difference :D


Why do I always lose my likes right when I really need them..
Emoji frisk soul for you: :heart:


Awesome topic, @CreativeCoder! :D

I will be posting here a lot. :D

One second... Or 55 minutes... I'm going to attempt to make a long paragraph about how awesome hopscotch is...

Or just write random nice things. :D


You get a frisk soul too: :heart:
6 more minutes...


watches SmilingSnowflakes edit post twice YOU FORGOT THE SMILE FACE!!!! ;O



If your feeling down hug a potato! They have feelings too! Don't worry! Be happy! If you get copied think: who's learning? You or that person. You! You just grew stronger! ;D. Random applause for you for no reason. clap clap clap clap whooooooo! You are awesome don't give up! Never stop trying and shake off the haters!


Always be positive! :stuck_out_tongue:

It may not be as easy as being negative, but it's what moves you forward!


Be happy! :D

And try to look at things positively! :D

Maybe you can find a positive solution to the negative problem! :D

Or your not negitive problem. :D