Positivity Coding Contest



Ok, we'll all agree that the forum is a bit down at the moment...:confused:
So this is why I'm holding a Positivity Coding Contest! All you have to do is make a project to make people fell happy. It could be art, a quote or a game!
So, I've got two contests, individual and Teams.
We can have two teams of three and as many individuals as we want!
So, Team 1:

Team 2


We also need judges!
Judge form:
Hopscotch Name:
Are you a regular?
Will be be fair?

I'm only looking for regulars to judge so that we can talk in the #lounge.

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The closing date is 1st December


Because I'm not a regular does this mean I cannot participate?


I'll be a judge!

Hopscotch Name: Idealess
Are you a regular? Yep!
Will you be fair? Yep!



Not being a regular means you can't be a judge.


Judge form:
Hopscotch Name: DMFgames ★
Are you a regular? Yeah
Will be be fair? Yeah


Oh. I wish I was regular because I want to be a judge.


Hope I'm not too late lol


Nope, it's just for judges!


Can you give me more description about this?


This is for judge !!!!!,


I'd like to be a judge! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Hopscotch Username : Pumpkin Girl
Are you regular? Yes
Will you be fair? Totally

How many judges do you need? :thinking:


Judge form:
Emoji's R Us™
Of course!


Even though I'm not a regular, can I PLEASE PLEEEEZ PWEESE be a judge?


I'll be an individual! When's it due?


HN: Steelhooves (same, forever, and that will never change.)
Regular?: Self Explanatory (yes)
Fair?: Yes, I will be fair